Saturday, 12 May 2012



                                          One of the main concerns for weight reduction is opting out diets , eating chunk of medicines,  continues and vigorous exercises. here we present an easy and practical solution to all who wants to reduce there extra bulk without compromising there mind. you will be getting a reshaped body with less fat and more protein.

                          At kottathil ayurveda we developed an easy and interesting weight reduction protocol which includes ayurveda treatments and yoga without food restrictions, all you need is to sit with us and with full heart engage your mind and body at our center.

we had wonderful results within 10-15 days , during this time period you will be able to loss 5-10kgs of your body weight and its without cutting your body parts,or restricting your diet. its by proper management of calories and expenditure of these calories, removal of extra fat from specific areas using special ayurvedic treatments.

           Its not a wonder drug or a wonder oil, its classical ayurveda from its basics. in ayurveda the condition is called STHAULYA/STHOOLA, and its being specifically mentioned in classics, there are many medicinal preparations and treatments which are well described with there results. here at kottathil ayurveda we obey the principles of ayurveda with pure medicines and well balanced treatments.

   From our experience you can loss weight using different methods, you can even loss more weight within 10-15 days if you opt for a water diet+ treatments, but its unhealthy, we after having gone through many clinical studies including relevant investigations came with a solution of incoprating specific ayurveda treatments with yoga , without compromising food and not including bulk of internal medicines.

  All persons should undergo thorough physical and lab investigations before and after treatment .For more details you can visit