Wednesday, 15 June 2016


A case of non healing venous ulcer ( medial distal end of right leg).
Again same question?...Ayurveda? Is it possible....and the answer- YES
Here we are discussing a case which is among one of many cases we come across.why I am writing is to spread the knowledge of scientific/comprehensive ayurvedic care which will give a better cost effective result with less side effects.
(Again as a research fellow, I would be specific with side effects.)
This is a patient from South part of kerala (identity not revealed). She is suffering from chronic non healing venous ulcer- medial distal end of right leg + dorsal surface of right foot. She was suffering from the same since last eight years.
The wound started as a small ulcer over medial distal end of leg,which then with course of time developed into a massive non healing ulcer. For everyone's interest she was under regular check up and medications of all kind from famous medical centres in South kerala.
All were having multiple concerns about her wound but nothing worked to heal the ulcer.She had spent lakhs of rupees untill this moment( her daughter says,she could have bought a plot and built a house with the money she had spend for treatments).
Here I am not hurting the feelings or knowledge of all the great doctors who have managed the case but they ( especially IMA) should understand the feelings of young ayurveda doctors who are trying to do their best to prove clinical and scientific evidence based treatments in ayurveda. IMA always insult ayurveda doctors as unscientific/non clinical/quacks.....and the description goes on......
But there are thousands of allopathic doctors who like ayurveda and support us...
This case was challenging for us because the lady had consulted with famous podiatric surgeons and she do have many family doctors.
During the course of her illness, major complication came after having done SCLEROTGERAPY for vericose veins.
After sclerotherapy the wound become so bad that she even can't walk.
Doctors always ask her for cleaning with normal saline + antibiotic dressing. They have consulted many microvascular surgeons for grafting but all said NO..
She was admitted for around 2 months at the same hospital were she had done SCLEROTHERAPY
Patient got some satisfactory results with one of the major podiatric surgeon in her place but the wound was not healed.some surgeons have the opinion of calcium deposits and had opted for removal therapies for 3-4 months which again haven't worked
Above was her breif medical history untill she came to us.Again Thanks to Google.... and her grand daughter...Her first consultation on17/02/2016

When we exposed the wound it was foul smelling and with dead tissue.she told us that she use to clean the wound daily with normal saline.
Diameter of the wound was high enough to say get admitted...
But to there personal inconvenience we advise her to take medicines for one month before getting admitted.
Cleaning was changed with our decoaction(Triphala kwath) and dressing with another ayurveda formulation.They were happy and left hospital with hope...
After one month they came back and we opened the dressing
Wound was showing healthy granulation and borders were clear. Patient was happy but pain persist during night/walking.we insisted for bed rest and advise same medications for one more month. After one month on 05/03/2016 and we open the dressing....

Ulcer almost healed with small area of ulceration remaining on medial distal end of leg.This time she was ready to get admitted at our hospital for 3 weeks  and during the course of Treatments she was on specialized external applications for raising the floor of the wound and getting back the normal colour of skin.slowly skin started showing pigmentation and the final portion remaining was healed.
At took 2 months of medications and 25 days of hospitilization to heal the non healing ulcer which made her life painfull for last 8 yrs.

Written by,
 Dr.Samson.c.varghese(+91 9495352072 - whats app )
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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Osteomyelitis Effective ayurvedic management

As most of our readers know,we always present AYURVEDA as a clinically relevant medical system and today we are discussing an evidence based achievement which will emphasis the relevance of AYURVEDA as a choice of mainstream medicine other than labelling as an alternative system.

This is a case of  osteomyelitis, patient is male, soft ware employee with no other health issues other than chronic non healing ulcer over the medial aspect of left thigh with pus discharge since 3 years, he had an accident during his childhood and afterwards he start feeling stiffness and swelling of his thigh and had operated multiple times with symptomatic results for less than a month

Osteomyelitis is an infection in a bone which can reach bone through blood stream or spreading from nearby tissue.some times if an injury exposes the bone infections can begin in the bone.

This was once considered incurable... We too had the same opinion which we have to change after the  recovery of this patient......

Patient always complaints of stiffness of his thigh adjacent to the opening and near to the knee joint.From his words when stiffness increase ,within few weeks pus drainage starts and slowly stiffness releived, again not completely relived since last 10 years. Every time the wound get partially closed he start working and with few weeks stiffness comes back and then pus drainage..
This made his life hard and in his young age matters become worse.
When the patient first contacted us last August, wound was partially closed and without discharge, we advise him to contact when the wound is open.

He came to us on 23rd January 2016 and on our examination it was a sinus opening with crusted surrounding tissues and oedematous soft tissues. MRI shows focal cortical thickening with intramedullary focal collection in the lower femur bone with adjacent bony defect with sinus tract extending subcutaneously upto medial aspect of thigh.

We had a discussion and approached the patient with 50% chance of healing the sinus.patient was willing and we took the chance. Majority of our experts are having the opinion of doing ksharasutra therapy . We were sure that, If we manage to pierce the sinus deep enough and complete the threading procedure the sinus will heal. Again the question was how to trace the sinus until the bone and finish the procedure.

We planned the procedure for 25th of January and we managed to trace 25% of the tract. Main issue was thick medial compartment muscles and vessels. Finished partial threading by making an external opening over the skin. Since the sinus was deep we always had the confusion of drug deliverance .
Next day we had a sitting and we're having the opinion of plugging long ksharasutras deep into the open sinus. It was effective and pus drainage was achevied

Slowly the patient start feeling better and underwent 3 ksharasutra therapies.daily cleaning and dressing with triphala kashayam and internal ayurveda medicines specific for Vidradhi were on prescription.

For everyone's interest, no antibiotics we're prescribed, patient was without fever and was strictly under ayurveda medicines. Wound was open and pus drainage was effective.

At the time of discharge after 25 days, patient was happy with remaining 25% of wound closure still remaining,we advise him with medicines for one month and regular dressing with triphala kashayam.
He came back for review on 26/03/2016 and the results were wonderful.
Complete closure of sinus which he had achieved for the first time since last 3 years. It's the first time patient is without muscle stiffness even on deep palpation and walking.

At that moment we were PROUD AYURVEDA DOCTORS.......

Detailed videos of procedure will be  available on  our youtube account.

      23/01/2016 ( Before ksharasutra therapy)
26/03/2016( After ksharasutra thera

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese(+919495352072-whats app) 
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda

Monday, 11 January 2016

Disc prolapse questions and solutions

Today we are discussing some of the major concerns of patients who have degenerative disc disorders.
Major part of this include disc bulges and protrusions which will be manifested as irritating pains,numbness,loss of mobility and the symptoms goes on..
In this era everybody will be having some sort of medical knowledge..thanks to Google...
From our experience in treating these issues since last 15 years and critical analysis from our research wing, we would like to answer some common questions and ayurvedic solutions.

1. If surgery not opted,what happen to the nucleus pulposes of protruded disc lying within spinal cord? Does it disappear or remain in the canal.
Ans: Massive disc herniations usually reduce in volume and by 6 months size of the protruded material will be 1/3rd of original size.

2. Does disc herniations cause reccurent clinical symptoms?

Ans: If the patient shows improvement with therapies, normally 85-90% of disc herniations will have sustained improvement.

3. Is there a risk of nerve damage resulting from ayurvedic approach ?

Ans: if there is improvement after therapies, disc prolapses do not carry the risk of major nerve damage.

4. Is it safe to adopt AYURVEDA management other than surgery for cases of disc related complaints ?

Ans: if there is any early sign of clinical improvements with ayurveda treatments, its always advisable to opt out surgery.

A- Before , B- Before

C- After, D- After

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Parkinsonism(movement disorder), feeling better after few weeks stay

Detailed videos with changes after treatments will be uploaded and for more detail visit our web site

Monday, 24 August 2015

Pain relief at home without internal medications

Its common we find ourselves in the same posture as in this picture.
This will make your job time equalent to jail time.There are many solutions for this condition. Here we are discussing easy and simple solutions for almost all type of strain/sprain associated with neck and upper limbs.its from our experience with knowledge from classics. As all people know heat application always releases muscle spasm but usage of medicated oil along with heat application and supportive regime will make you pain free. Choice of oil is an important factor determining pain relief. It's always better to go with an expert opinion prior to selection of oil. Head bath even with warm water during the time period of strain can make matter worse.This happen especially with ladies who have thick hair.We always advice head wash before 7pm so that your hair won't be wet prior to sleep.

Try this health Tip......and feel the results...

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


There are many moments in our life which we think are simple. These simple things can make you feel better and will make you free from medicines .
We all use chairs for sitting in our daily life.Use of chairs starting form plastic to easy chairs. Do every one care his or her back while opting the chair.
This happens with office job mainly IT professionals and Bank employees, who used to sit more than 6 hrs at a time during there working hours.
If you can maintain a correct sitting posture which maintains normal cervical and lumbar curves and a straight spine with enough cushioning  of your back muscles and buttock without springs or rotation movements, you will feel much better and can prevent neck pains and back aches.
While working maintain an upright posture with your eyes facing your monitor in a straight line and always support your arms while typing.

Enjoy your work with pain free body........

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda

Monday, 20 July 2015

Weight's easy 8kg in 10 days

You would really's real and this is achieved without skipping diet or with intake of medicines. Weight loss is achieved with correction in metabolism and with the aid of some external therapies. We advise 11 days of  admission nothing more. 11th day is the day for detox. It's very cost effective. Development of this method was quiet accidental.since myself overweight and was not interested in unhealthy weightloss protocols ,I always skipped on these weight loss protocols due to its advertisements.

I had gone through many opinions regarding weight loss and all are having some sort of medications or protein diets, which will be having negative impact on my body organs, mainly liver and kidneys. This made me to think differently and I was motivated with G M diet which maintains a good body harmony. I opted GM diet and was beniffitted 3.5kgs in 7 days. This made me to think lot more which includes ayurveda concepts and herbs which can be used both us medicines and as foods. Main advantage of this protocol need of need of need of skipping your can eat delicious food and sleep well. Depending  upon body pattern and drugs ( used for other ailments),on an average you can loss 5-8kg in 10 days

Main advantage of opting this protocol is not lossing weight but to detox your body and correct your metabolism which will make you feel fresher....energetic....and more confident.

My advise is for those people who are having no time for work outs, hectic jobs, those who skip routines, those who needs relaxation from work, overweigh individuals who want to skip surgery for weight loss.

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda