Tuesday, 30 April 2013


                                             Hear from one of our patients diagnosed IVDP (lumbar) from a famous hospital in Banglore and was posted for immediate surgery on 2010. During the time of admission at our hospital he was on wheel chair and it take four healthy persons to make him stand. After our preliminary physical examination and medical images we suspected something more than IVDP which was again supported with his EMG reports. Since he was very young and was recently married its hard to comment on his future. But truly speaking we doctors at Kottathil are proud to say our Ayurveda along with his courage and faith made him stand...walk...run... and now its the third year 2013. It take three years of continoues  documentation,monitoring and interactions with the patient  for us to post this video as a sucess story which is medically relavant. He is a bank employee in middle east and is happy with his wife with no health problems. You can hear form his mouth

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese(+91 9495352072- whats app) 
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda