Saturday, 23 February 2013


                                         What comes to our mind  When we hear  the word Ayurveda . Treatments with oil, massage, dara etc. Then comes the next question. Are these procedures scientific?

                                               Here am discussing some facts about Ayurvedic external treatments and its action on human body, i think after going through this topic some of you will get an idea of what impact these procedures can do.


  1.  Conduction heat- Heating modalities which are in contact with the skin .In ayurveda different types of heat modalities are used raining from choorna pinda swedam (dry heat) to shashtika pinda swedam . In the above mentioned procedures different types of medicinal plants, leaves etc are powdered made into bolus, packs etc and the procedures are done by expert personals with at-most care, preventing the skin temperature rising above 45 degree C.
                                         Therapeutic effects are only achieved if tissue is heated to 40-45 degree C for at least 5mts. Effects of heating include circulatory changes, pain reduction, alteration of collagen extensibility and reduction in muscle spasm. For every one degree rise in tissue temperature there is 13% increase in metabolic rate, if temperature is too low ,tissue damage may again result as body fluids are frozen. For deep tissues therapeutic temperatures ranging from 5-6 degree above or below are recommended .  Joint stiffness is shown to reduce with deep heating, it reduces viscosity of joint fluid, but superficial heating will not affect .

     2.     Radiation heat- use of heat with out direct contact over skin surface.


        In this procedure massage, mobilization and manipulation are incorporated with at most care. Massage techniques ranging from Effleurage to Tapotment are integrated with ayurvedic marma points and hand movements, which are done with medicinal oils and other medicinal liquids. Effects are mechanical, Physiological and Psychological. These procedures  will improve venous and lymphatic drainage, fresh blood will enter the area . Passive movements to increase joints range of motion.

        This is a  brief discussion regarding the two main procedures used in ayurveda for external  treatments. Normally in every case  SWEDANAM+ABHYANGAM are performed. This approach will give maximum results than individual methods. Ayurveda uses this approach in almost all musculoslkeletal conditions.
Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda