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Thursday, 22 November 2012


               In view of the rapidly rising population of old people in india and worldwide, the need of geriatric medicine is of added importance. This is an age when degenerative diseases become common and complications and sequelae of chronic long term diseases such as hypertension and diabetes make their presence. These factors commonly result in multiple pathology.
         During this period body reserves adversely affect absorption, detoxification and excretion of many drugs and medicnes, leading to an increased incidence of toxic side effects and hypersensitivity reactions. Some of the symptoms that old persons maybe complaining of, may actually be due to side effects of drug administered. In younger patients there will be single pathology, on the other hand in geriatric cases there will be multiple pathology and complicating factors.

        In elderly patients, disturbance of function in one system is more likely than patients to adversely affect the function of other organs, mainly heart and the brain.(eg: a heart already affected by years of hypertension but functioning normally may go into congestive heart failure, if diabetes uncontrolled and remains undetected and untreated.)
  Ayurvedic approach in geriatric care is of great significance, ayurveda always consider disease conditions us multiple pathologies, which includes both physical and mental. Almost all the preparations mentioned and used are combinations of different herbs which are having multiple actions, thus treating a major disease and caring multiple pathologies.

   In ayurveda there are multiple pharmacological formulations suiting different age groups. one of the important advantages of ayurveda is its approach to digestive fire( AGNI) and almost all medications  improve your digestion, absorption ,elimination. most of the geriatric conditions  can be corrected by maintaining AGNI, ayurveda will do wonders in managing chronic geriatric disorders.

 Ayurveda emphasis on external body treatments using oil and other liquids, the so called preparations for extenal body treatments are very good for musculoskeletal disoders affecting old age. As we all know aeging causes reduction in muscle bulk, loss of moisture , tissue damage, skin changes, lethargy, circulatory defects etc .

Here are some of the cases in which ayurveda had proven its benifits
     Osteoarthiritis,parkinsons diseae, depression,CVA, dementia,hypertension,chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis,piles,enlarged prostate, chronic urinary tract infections, diabetes, hearing loss, glucoma etc.

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


                                 This is again an effective treatment using ancient wisdom- Ayurveda. Lets go into the basics of the condition and its ayurvedic management.In this era most of the patients/people are aware of their disease conditions. Here we are giving a brief idea of the condition with its presentation, complication and treatment options.

                                                 Nasal polyps can be defined as mucosal overgrowths that frequently accompany with allergic rhinitis, asthma, recurring infections,drug sensitivity, inflammation, cystic fibrosis,immune disorders .
                                            Major symptoms  include: running nose, postnasal drip, recurrent cold, reduced smell and taste, facial pain, snoring, itching around eyes, difficulty in breathing etc..  
                                               If not managed properly it can lead to asthma, sleep apnea,  sinus infections, meningitis, aneurysm /clots.
                   According to ayurvedic  perspective the condition can be correlated to Nasarsas, most of the symptoms and explanation along with treatments are given in this context.
                 According to ayurvedic perspective treatments mentioned are differentiated according to the stage of progression, starting from running nose to its complications. Different treatment regims starting with nasal medication to snehapana is mentioned. Difference in opinion regarding the stages of progression along with doshic classifications are mentioned.

                                   From our experience there are specific medicines and medicinal  preparations which have very good results in curing the condition in almost single session. Here we are mentioning the importance of a particular medicinal preparation  KSHARA
                                   As mentioned in classics Nasya(nasal medication) is of prime importance in controlling this condition and its reccurance. Since most of the cases come with complications and associated symptoms,internal medicines are needed according to the presenting complaints.

                                          For removing the mechanical blockage KSHARA is the important medicine and the procedure called KSHARA KARMA. Medicines used for KSHARA preparation are from classics and almost all ayurveda doctors are well aware. Normally in minor mechanical blockages one session is needed. In chronic cases with severe blockages 2-3 sessions are needed. Results are quick and the person can feel the difference within few hours.

                                     From our experience this is an effective low cost management of NASAL POLYP without surgery. The advantages of this procedure are more if we compare it with surgery. You will be getting the same results of surgery . If we integrate panchakarma procedures as mentioned in classics, the recurrence rates are almost nil.

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda

Tuesday, 18 September 2012



                                                                                This is an article for future ayurveda doctors and medicine lovers.
As we all know kerala is famous for ayurveda medicine, I am asking few questions as a doctor and medicine lover…

  1. What do you mean by ayurveda?
  2. What do you mean by ayurveda treatment?
  3. Is it a money making   butcher?
  4. What do you mean by research?
  5. What do you mean by heritage?
The above marked words are being used in almost all advertisements; it is really painful to see nothing under these words only pure business with hospitality features. It is the time for ayurveda doctors to be specific and passionate regarding there medical system.

At this present moment, ayurveda getting noticed internationally, in kerala private ayurveda is in the hands of money making butchers and immoral co-operates, there is not even a single association of doctors to oppose these unethical establishments.

For example if you are a doctor please go through one famous advertisement today in almost all daily newspapers in kerala, you will find an inauguration in the name of ayurveda.
Please go through the page you will find ayurveda mentioned in the top and then a 3 star hotel.

I am not against any business, only thing is don’t use the word ayurveda  research in 3star and 5 star hotels and hospitality layouts, there are thousands of doctors and ancient renowned physicians working hard to spread a medical language to this system, you can use any other name and then you can add the facility.

Why this happen? Can you even dream of such things in ALLOPATHY?
It’s the time of proud ayurveda doctors to respond. 
It’s the time of proud ayurveda associations to act.. 

If you can change the heading form AYURVEDA RESEARCH AND HERITAGE CENTRE to HERITAGE ONLY then we ayurveda doctors and genuine research centers won the match.


Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda

Thursday, 6 September 2012


                                           This is again most discussed and debated topic around the globe especially by the scientific evaluators of an ancient wisdom, its quiet natural when we think of ghee and its chances of hypercholestremia. Normal person, in this new generation, with sedantary activity, always suspect in oily and ghee preparations. As in ayurveda  major and key medication are oil and ghee preparations.Here am discussing one of the many cases we had in our hospital. This will raise many questions which needs to be  discussed and answered.                                                      
                                        This is a case of O. A Hip with stage 1 avascular necrosis affecting both femoral heads, the option for ayurvedic treatment was to limit and stop steroids and to continue  conservative treatments with ayurvedic medicines for short period.
                          we designed a protocol and ghee (medicated GUGGULUTIKTHAKA GHRITHA) was our first choice as it is "sandhyasthimajjagatha vata roga"(affecting deep bony structures). Patient was stout with 85kgs and 5foot 7 inch tall, unable to move due to pain even in rest, its again difficult to convince the patient regarding the medicne, he was always confused since his blood picture at the time of admission

  its his faith and determination not to use steroids made him to take this medication.
                                                        Probably all ayurveda doctors know there should be a processing period before intake of ghee(agni deepana-ayurvedic variable), we started ghee from the 4th day of admission and initial dose was 25ml(acchapana-only ghee)early morning without other medictions, he was asked to consume warm water untill he gets the desire for food. Once he felt hungry he was allowed to take hot water bath which was then followed by warm rice porridge. He was not allowed to take fruits,milk,tea,cofee,heavy food. The process continued as given below



















    12 pm  



   2.00 pm






Its clear form the above chart regarding the intake of ghee in 9 days . its the time, all waited for blood check, blood was collected on the 10 day and his lipid profile was evaluated, the reports

 Its clear from the reports regarding the level of lipids in blood, there is an increase in triglycerides but all the other parameters are clinically relevant.
Patient was feeling well and with reduced pain and was feeling better than steroids.
     Next course of treatment was muscle strengthening and supporting joints with the help of oil bandages, along with few decoctions. he was feeling much better. During the time of discharge after 21 days his serum cholesterol was 185mg%. 
                                          At the time of discharge he was feeling well and is on ghee (vicharana-along with food/medicnes).These are some of the few examples which will make people think ayurveda as scientific and evidence based.             
                                                Please post your comments and valuable questions so that we will be able to propagate scientific ayurveda. This is a chronic degenerative case with long course of treatments needed. the study goes on .............      
Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda       

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


                                                For all readers of ayurveda and scientific evaluators, what do you meant by research and research centers?, here am mentioning about brutal utilization of ayurveda and medicinal plants for the sake of foreign money and tourism.

                                                        Since we are running a multispeciality hospital with curative management of diseases and clinical analysis of medicines, we used to visit many hospital sites and sites with the label of ayurveda and research, its really shocking if you are a doctor to find the word HERITAGE AND AYURVEDA RESEARCH CENTRE  and getting restaurants, spas, swimming pools, gardens, luxury rooms...........
total rubbish , no clinical data, a dara pathy, beautiful ladies, terrific buildings.....

                                  My simple question to all doctors and science lovers, IS THIS RESEARCH, IS THIS WHAT YOU LEARN,........., if you are running a spa or wellness center be specific don't brutally assault the medical system which we are trying to bring back with maximum effort. As you all know ayurveda is considered as medical system by less than 5% in our country, how would it be possible in this most modern era to propagate scientific ayurveda with these  HERITAGE AND RESEARCH CENTERS.

                         A sincere and casual question to all, be a listener and ask 100 people including Indians and foreigners, what is ayurveda? you will get 99% answer as MASSAGE, DARA, RESORT, REJUVINATION etc.., why this happen, the only reason are these SITES and MEDIA who are propagating tourism in the name of ayurveda. is this you ,true doctors/medicine lovers want, we need sincere support from all to propagate scientific ayurveda and STOP THESE HERITAGE AND RESEARCH CENTERS from taking THE LIFE OUT OF THE SCIENCE .

                                    if you are sinciere in your science please go through the sites and feel the pathetic condition of a LIFE SCIENCE in the name of tourism and money making.

Written by,

Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda                     

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


                                                                Its always motivating for each and every person to be acknowledged and appreciated by a higher authority especially by Madam Shailaja Chandra, former secretary,government of India,Ministry of health and family welfare, Department of Ayush and  former chief secretary ,Goverment of Delhi. In her report on status of Indian medicine and folk medicine she gave an illustration of how the age old system of ayurveda persist in this new generation, for making a report on the past and present on ayurveda, travelling through out india and watching how this system made its mark in common man's life and how the new generation doctors contribute their heart and soul for enriching the future of ayurveda. 
                                                            In her report she mentions about the historical perspective, research, education, practice, medicinal plants,drugs,etc in detail. Such reports should be made by health ministry for improving and motivating new generation ayurveda doctors and hospitals for their effort in bringing back the essence of INDIAN MEDICINE .
                                                           Its only  the writings from the higher officials that can make an impact on the INDIAN goverment and ABROAD. Main question marks on ayurveda are , Is it scientific, Are the doctors qualified, How they are taught, Is it true and the questions goes on..........................., these questions are asked by most scientific persons in India, they always see the system of gurus, and rishis, a magic remedy, rejuvination therapy, detoxification therapy, relaxation therapy and the name goes on, no one gives this system a pharmacological approach .

                                                            Its very few who knows, how the students are taught, how the colleges work, is there any college,etc, more than 75% still have the concept of heavenly healing from sadhus,and they always go after long beards, they are unaware of specialized clinics and hospitals . Respected madam clearly mentions how the multispeciality clinics and hospitals work and which all departments they are specialized with the percentage of outpatient and inpatient details.

                              We are proud to be listed us one of the private multispeciality hospital on chapter 4- practice, page no: 174,175 in her report.  Along with us there are hospitals and clinics around the country  where scientific  ayurveda system is being practiced. For more details regarding her report you can visit her  blog on  shailaja chandras blog or
                     We appreciate her interest in revealing the essence of age old system in new generation and motiviting new generation doctors.

Written by,

Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda

Monday, 18 June 2012


                         For example if we consider a case of ACL tear(knee), we should look at the stage of injury,you should need a correct clinical examination and relavant imaging techniques to determine the case. Then only it will be clear regarding the stage and management of the case.In almost all cases of ACL tear and associated soft tissue injuries including tendon and cartilage injuries of first degree, second degree ,third degree and partial tears, ayurvedic treatment gave better results than other systems without surgery. These are some of the findings from our experience
Discussing  ayurvedic treatments we have                               
                   We have specific formulations from our classics mainly ashtanga hridaya and susrutha which are very effective in managing soft tissues injuries ,there clinical efficacy can be felt within one week of treatment.
                        These procedures comes number one in treating  sports injuries, there are many types of treatments starting from LEPANAS, UPANAHA, MASSAGES WITH AND WITHOUT OIL, ELAKIZHI,NJAVARA KIZHI etc   .   BANDAGE/BANDHANA  is one of the important procedure while managing sports injuries, bandages are of different types and we practice almost all types of bandages mentioned in classics and it enables the joint immobility and stability which should be given primary importance considering sports medicine.
                       These procedures specifically mentioned in classics  are the main procedures which increases joint mobility and function along with pain management   in minimum time.     

                         This include mainly agnikarma and occasionally rakthamoksha(panchakarma) and are very effective in almost all joint involved cases
                      Combining  physiotherapy   along with ayurvedic  management  increase the success rate in almost all cases. 

                                      From our experience and clinical statistics its clear, regarding management of sports medicine in almost all the cases involving musculoskeletal system  ayurvedic management is more effective  than other systems without surgery.

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda

Friday, 8 June 2012



                         this is again a new methodology in treatment for western people , this protocol of disease management were mentioned and constantly practiced during ancient period with miraculous results in one single session, but due to different factors including foreign invasions and traditional rivalaries made this valuable and truely unimaginable approach in paper and epics.
                                                     we here at kottathil ayurveda are trying to go back to the basics of marma treatment which includes special techniques using hands and postures from outside to normalise body. almost all ayurveda doctors are aware of MARMAS but there are very few around the world who are able to perform the art.
                It was very fortunate for us to get interact with one of the few legends in MARMA therapy and to get enough guidence in management of chronic and acute diseases with BARE HANDS. for an outsider watching--- its MAGIC TREATMENT. but the truth is its all scientific and the ancient scientist have clearly mentioned and described how this happen , the main problem occur when we compare with modern wisdom.
while deeply getting into the subject its very clear, the ancient people which we and books represent as YOGIS or GURUS are actual SCIENTIST of there era, they have explained there approach through there research methodology and made there hypothesis . they treated many people with this and they got results. they had documented all there findings, many are lost and few remaining.

                         the modern era/ scientific era describe those people as RELIGIOUS insaine people with god powers. but its not the truth they incoprated there knowledge and talent into human life and postulated different opinions .
                      From our experience its an art and every doctor should know this management. its totally medicne free, low cost and without any side effects. we can manage almost all diseases affecting human body. for more details regarding treatment please email at
Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda

Saturday, 12 May 2012



                                          One of the main concerns for weight reduction is opting out diets , eating chunk of medicines,  continues and vigorous exercises. here we present an easy and practical solution to all who wants to reduce there extra bulk without compromising there mind. you will be getting a reshaped body with less fat and more protein.

                          At kottathil ayurveda we developed an easy and interesting weight reduction protocol which includes ayurveda treatments and yoga without food restrictions, all you need is to sit with us and with full heart engage your mind and body at our center.

we had wonderful results within 10-15 days , during this time period you will be able to loss 5-10kgs of your body weight and its without cutting your body parts,or restricting your diet. its by proper management of calories and expenditure of these calories, removal of extra fat from specific areas using special ayurvedic treatments.

           Its not a wonder drug or a wonder oil, its classical ayurveda from its basics. in ayurveda the condition is called STHAULYA/STHOOLA, and its being specifically mentioned in classics, there are many medicinal preparations and treatments which are well described with there results. here at kottathil ayurveda we obey the principles of ayurveda with pure medicines and well balanced treatments.

   From our experience you can loss weight using different methods, you can even loss more weight within 10-15 days if you opt for a water diet+ treatments, but its unhealthy, we after having gone through many clinical studies including relevant investigations came with a solution of incoprating specific ayurveda treatments with yoga , without compromising food and not including bulk of internal medicines.

  All persons should undergo thorough physical and lab investigations before and after treatment .For more details you can visit

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


  • Never remain standing for long
  • Prefer pulling to pushing the loads and pull with straight arms without bending at elbows
  • Dont plunge into strenous physical activity or exertion or sudden load -bearing without intial warm up
  • Avoid sudden bending,twisting of back and abrupt jerky movements of body
  • Dont carry unbalanced loads. hold heavy objects close to the body
  • Never lift a heavy object higher than your waist
  • Whenever you have to bend forward, bend from the hip joint keeping your trunk straight
  • Dont lift any load while bending
  • Dont remain continuously in the same posture for long, change your postures from time to time.
  • Whenever you bend flex your knees, it reduces strain on your back
  • Patients with back ache should not sleep on the abdomen 
  • Use chair with armrests at the sides,it eases pressure on the back
  • Perform yoga under correct guidence
 These will make your back free from long pain and aches, use these simple techniques in your daily life and feel the difference

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda