Friday, 8 June 2012



                         this is again a new methodology in treatment for western people , this protocol of disease management were mentioned and constantly practiced during ancient period with miraculous results in one single session, but due to different factors including foreign invasions and traditional rivalaries made this valuable and truely unimaginable approach in paper and epics.
                                                     we here at kottathil ayurveda are trying to go back to the basics of marma treatment which includes special techniques using hands and postures from outside to normalise body. almost all ayurveda doctors are aware of MARMAS but there are very few around the world who are able to perform the art.
                It was very fortunate for us to get interact with one of the few legends in MARMA therapy and to get enough guidence in management of chronic and acute diseases with BARE HANDS. for an outsider watching--- its MAGIC TREATMENT. but the truth is its all scientific and the ancient scientist have clearly mentioned and described how this happen , the main problem occur when we compare with modern wisdom.
while deeply getting into the subject its very clear, the ancient people which we and books represent as YOGIS or GURUS are actual SCIENTIST of there era, they have explained there approach through there research methodology and made there hypothesis . they treated many people with this and they got results. they had documented all there findings, many are lost and few remaining.

                         the modern era/ scientific era describe those people as RELIGIOUS insaine people with god powers. but its not the truth they incoprated there knowledge and talent into human life and postulated different opinions .
                      From our experience its an art and every doctor should know this management. its totally medicne free, low cost and without any side effects. we can manage almost all diseases affecting human body. for more details regarding treatment please email at
Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda