Tuesday, 3 April 2012


  • Never remain standing for long
  • Prefer pulling to pushing the loads and pull with straight arms without bending at elbows
  • Dont plunge into strenous physical activity or exertion or sudden load -bearing without intial warm up
  • Avoid sudden bending,twisting of back and abrupt jerky movements of body
  • Dont carry unbalanced loads. hold heavy objects close to the body
  • Never lift a heavy object higher than your waist
  • Whenever you have to bend forward, bend from the hip joint keeping your trunk straight
  • Dont lift any load while bending
  • Dont remain continuously in the same posture for long, change your postures from time to time.
  • Whenever you bend flex your knees, it reduces strain on your back
  • Patients with back ache should not sleep on the abdomen 
  • Use chair with armrests at the sides,it eases pressure on the back
  • Perform yoga under correct guidence
 These will make your back free from long pain and aches, use these simple techniques in your daily life and feel the difference

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda

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