Tuesday, 14 August 2012


                                                For all readers of ayurveda and scientific evaluators, what do you meant by research and research centers?, here am mentioning about brutal utilization of ayurveda and medicinal plants for the sake of foreign money and tourism.

                                                        Since we are running a multispeciality hospital with curative management of diseases and clinical analysis of medicines, we used to visit many hospital sites and sites with the label of ayurveda and research, its really shocking if you are a doctor to find the word HERITAGE AND AYURVEDA RESEARCH CENTRE  and getting restaurants, spas, swimming pools, gardens, luxury rooms...........
total rubbish , no clinical data, a dara pathy, beautiful ladies, terrific buildings.....

                                  My simple question to all doctors and science lovers, IS THIS RESEARCH, IS THIS WHAT YOU LEARN,........., if you are running a spa or wellness center be specific don't brutally assault the medical system which we are trying to bring back with maximum effort. As you all know ayurveda is considered as medical system by less than 5% in our country, how would it be possible in this most modern era to propagate scientific ayurveda with these  HERITAGE AND RESEARCH CENTERS.

                         A sincere and casual question to all, be a listener and ask 100 people including Indians and foreigners, what is ayurveda? you will get 99% answer as MASSAGE, DARA, RESORT, REJUVINATION etc.., why this happen, the only reason are these SITES and MEDIA who are propagating tourism in the name of ayurveda. is this you ,true doctors/medicine lovers want, we need sincere support from all to propagate scientific ayurveda and STOP THESE HERITAGE AND RESEARCH CENTERS from taking THE LIFE OUT OF THE SCIENCE .

                                    if you are sinciere in your science please go through the sites and feel the pathetic condition of a LIFE SCIENCE in the name of tourism and money making.

Written by,

Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda