Wednesday, 12 August 2015


There are many moments in our life which we think are simple. These simple things can make you feel better and will make you free from medicines .
We all use chairs for sitting in our daily life.Use of chairs starting form plastic to easy chairs. Do every one care his or her back while opting the chair.
This happens with office job mainly IT professionals and Bank employees, who used to sit more than 6 hrs at a time during there working hours.
If you can maintain a correct sitting posture which maintains normal cervical and lumbar curves and a straight spine with enough cushioning  of your back muscles and buttock without springs or rotation movements, you will feel much better and can prevent neck pains and back aches.
While working maintain an upright posture with your eyes facing your monitor in a straight line and always support your arms while typing.

Enjoy your work with pain free body........

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda