Monday, 4 April 2011

Scientific Ayurveda

Around the world there is a concept that Ayurveda, a type of old treatment with local remedies. Critics always points out the words ‘ITS UNSCIENTIFIC, WITH NO PROOF'.

Ayurveda answers its critics by giving scientific proof on blood picture and MRI

Here we are discussing one of the many cases we had in our hospital.
Mrs Joshy Mathew came to our hospital with radiating pain of leg starting from hip, travelling down to legs and foot. She also had complaints of knee pain, mainly right knee and radiating pain of both arms and numbness of hands.

On her MRI
  • Broad based disc prolapse over C5 – C6 narrowing neural foramina with compression of exiting nerve roots
  • Disc protrusion at C3-C4, C4-C5
  • Cervical bony canal stenosis at C5-C6
  • Disc dehydration at L3-L4,  L4-L5, L5-S1
  • L3-L4 mild diffuse bulging
  • L4-L5 diffuse bulge with narrowing of neural foramina and nerve root compression
  • L5-S1 disc prolapsed . post central and right foraminal protrusion leading to indention over thecal sac and narrowing of right neural foramina with nerve root compression

This was a challenging case. Since the lady was in her early forties, the condition makes her unable to do her household works.

We started with internal medicines for two weeks and the patient got some relief from the pain and numbness.
Then we plan for admitting the patient and slowly started ayurvedic external treatment modalities.

At first the body responded with increase in her symptoms, but gradually the whole subsided and we were able to the perform all the therapeutic methods along with internal medicines and mild physiotherapy.

She was admitted for 21 days and after the treatment 80% of her symptoms subsided.

We performed all the clinical evaluations and the patient was tolerable to all tests.

We advice rest for two more months after the treatment, during this period only internal medicines were advised.

After 2 months we took the MRI and the images tells the truth how great and systematic is Ayurveda and its medicines.

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