Monday, 12 September 2011


 This case is one of the eye openings in a doctor's life, how great and wonderfull is the science of ayurveda.
                                               It was during the end of December 2010, I got an enquiry from Nigeria, describing the condition of a male child named KOLA-KAZEEM HAMEED OLAJIDAE, 9yrs, diagnosed as cereberal palsy, and was unable to walk, no speech, only crawling. His mother gave me the details with the necessary reports, asking us to help her child to become normal. I saw the picture of the child and I perceived him, with all his expressions, like a normal boy with difficulty in walking. His smile made me to say, yes we can help you, but deep in my mind I was little confused, how we could workout a treatment protocol to get maximum results. After discussing with our panel of doctors we made the decision to start the treatment if the parents are willing.

             After providing the necessary details for the child's arrival in Kerala, the child along with his mother came to us on 08/04/2011. He was in wheel chair and his mother was little confused about how the boy would respond to the treatments as well as the food. For the first few days it was very pain taking experience for us, for he was not eating anything, what ever he had , he just vomitted - except black tea. No medicines for the first 4 days, as you know ayurveda medicines are not plesant in taste. Condition become worst, before it got better after four days when he started taking some syrups and milk powder.

               his mother was little confused about the result, how her child walk, she used to visit two or more times daily and have many discussions, we only said one thing be confident and belive us.

During the treatment sessions the child enjoyed oil and other application on his body and from the first week onwards he showed mild improvement in his motor activity with reduced muscle sapsm and reflexes. Our basic line was  to reduce the muscle spasm, after the first week he started to take oral medicines and get used to the atmosphere, we were having serious discussions about his case with all the specilist  doctors in all system of medicine , gradually his speech become more fluent and his leg scissoring reduced, at this position by making some effort we were able to straighten his both limbs, the recoiling spasm was reduced upto 50%.

this was the change which made his mother strenghthen her beleif in ayurveda and she was ready to do what all treatment possible for getting maximum results.

every morning while during our normal rounds the child use to wish us from long distance and we were hearing good morning . his mother was so happy that she always waited for our rounds.

after two weeks of treatment almost 90% of his spasm reduced and we were able make one unique brace for his knee, this helped him very much, we gradually moved on with head treatment and VASTHI  (main ayurvedic treatment for neuronal deficit), the boy responded to the treatment very well and the results were remarkable. the next course of treatment was muscle strengthening .

We were very much happy and we appreciate his mother for her continues pain taking support without which we cant do nothing. she will be with him through out the treatment session giving him the support and care, we always remember her carrying him on her lap whenever he demanded.

Before the last course of treatment we decided to make the brave decision of making him stand with support, we were confused whether he will be able to support his weight over his knee, at last the day came we arranged a special brace for his knee and with  support   he stand for the first time in his life. the boy was very happy and he tried whole heartily to move one step forward, with gods grace he dragged his left leg forward,  one of the happiest moment in his mother life, she was very much happy that she cant say anything.

Day by day he started increasing the duration of standing. During the first days it take around 45 minutes  to finish 50 meter  soon it get reduced and after one week he was walking with support around  100 meter in less than 30 minutes
. this was one of the great achivements during the first course of treatment.
At the moment he is  in nigeria, with little support he use to walk daily and is very happy. We are expecting him for the second course of treatment

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda