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                                 This is again an effective treatment using ancient wisdom- Ayurveda. Lets go into the basics of the condition and its ayurvedic management.In this era most of the patients/people are aware of their disease conditions. Here we are giving a brief idea of the condition with its presentation, complication and treatment options.

                                                 Nasal polyps can be defined as mucosal overgrowths that frequently accompany with allergic rhinitis, asthma, recurring infections,drug sensitivity, inflammation, cystic fibrosis,immune disorders .
                                            Major symptoms  include: running nose, postnasal drip, recurrent cold, reduced smell and taste, facial pain, snoring, itching around eyes, difficulty in breathing etc..  
                                               If not managed properly it can lead to asthma, sleep apnea,  sinus infections, meningitis, aneurysm /clots.
                   According to ayurvedic  perspective the condition can be correlated to Nasarsas, most of the symptoms and explanation along with treatments are given in this context.
                 According to ayurvedic perspective treatments mentioned are differentiated according to the stage of progression, starting from running nose to its complications. Different treatment regims starting with nasal medication to snehapana is mentioned. Difference in opinion regarding the stages of progression along with doshic classifications are mentioned.

                                   From our experience there are specific medicines and medicinal  preparations which have very good results in curing the condition in almost single session. Here we are mentioning the importance of a particular medicinal preparation  KSHARA
                                   As mentioned in classics Nasya(nasal medication) is of prime importance in controlling this condition and its reccurance. Since most of the cases come with complications and associated symptoms,internal medicines are needed according to the presenting complaints.

                                          For removing the mechanical blockage KSHARA is the important medicine and the procedure called KSHARA KARMA. Medicines used for KSHARA preparation are from classics and almost all ayurveda doctors are well aware. Normally in minor mechanical blockages one session is needed. In chronic cases with severe blockages 2-3 sessions are needed. Results are quick and the person can feel the difference within few hours.

                                     From our experience this is an effective low cost management of NASAL POLYP without surgery. The advantages of this procedure are more if we compare it with surgery. You will be getting the same results of surgery . If we integrate panchakarma procedures as mentioned in classics, the recurrence rates are almost nil.

Written by,
Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda


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