Sunday, 12 October 2014



        Each and every person in his or her life will be experiencing some sort of musculoskeletal disorders( joint,bone,muscle,tendon,ligament). This is common and a normal case in an active persons daily life. One and only important factor is the correct time to get an appointment with your health care provider.
        Why I am writing this post is specific - there are many pain killers( both external and internal) easily avilable in market, common man dosent know the good and bad effects. Since new generation marketing trends are diverse, it's very easy to get a personal experience with little knowledge.

     Let's discuss the pattern of PAIN you experience in a musculoskeletal injury.

    Main cause of injury can be due to muscle injury,bone, nerve, vascular.  There will be associated symptoms sometimes due to inflammatory , degenerative,infection, neoplastic.

    We will give you a rough idea to differentiate the type of pain you experience and whether it should be medically attended or not.

  • MUSCULAR PAIN -  this will be  dull, achy type, poorly localised, can refer to other area      Whenever muscle pain not alleviated within 12-24 hrs of injury, you should consult your health care provider.  
  • BONE PAIN -         This will be deep and  well localised. It's always to consult a doctor if you experience this pattern of pain, if the pain was associated with any trauma , an immediate evaluation is needed.
  •  NERVE PAIN -      This will be burning ,sharp, pain in nerve distributed areas. If pain was not associated with trauma take rest for 12-24 hrs,if not alleviated consult your health care provider.
  • VASCULAR -      This will be same as that of  muscular pain, but can be diffuse dull ache with poor localisation. If not associated with trauma take rest for 12-24 hrs and not alleviated consult your health care provider.
There will be associated symptoms like weakness, numbness, tingling,elevated temperature in the limb, joint immobility,locking, clicking, swelling etc..

                     This is a rough idea of PAIN, one of the major symptom, there are many other factors 

along with pain. Why I am giving more importance is the 12-24 hr time period, this is the time of  

OTC ( over the counter medicines). In most of the cases these medicines will benefit but the major 

problem is the continuous use without knowing the type of injury.