Tuesday, 7 August 2012


                                                                Its always motivating for each and every person to be acknowledged and appreciated by a higher authority especially by Madam Shailaja Chandra, former secretary,government of India,Ministry of health and family welfare, Department of Ayush and  former chief secretary ,Goverment of Delhi. In her report on status of Indian medicine and folk medicine she gave an illustration of how the age old system of ayurveda persist in this new generation, for making a report on the past and present on ayurveda, travelling through out india and watching how this system made its mark in common man's life and how the new generation doctors contribute their heart and soul for enriching the future of ayurveda. 
                                                            In her report she mentions about the historical perspective, research, education, practice, medicinal plants,drugs,etc in detail. Such reports should be made by health ministry for improving and motivating new generation ayurveda doctors and hospitals for their effort in bringing back the essence of INDIAN MEDICINE .
                                                           Its only  the writings from the higher officials that can make an impact on the INDIAN goverment and ABROAD. Main question marks on ayurveda are , Is it scientific, Are the doctors qualified, How they are taught, Is it true and the questions goes on..........................., these questions are asked by most scientific persons in India, they always see the system of gurus, and rishis, a magic remedy, rejuvination therapy, detoxification therapy, relaxation therapy and the name goes on, no one gives this system a pharmacological approach .

                                                            Its very few who knows, how the students are taught, how the colleges work, is there any college,etc, more than 75% still have the concept of heavenly healing from sadhus,and they always go after long beards, they are unaware of specialized clinics and hospitals . Respected madam clearly mentions how the multispeciality clinics and hospitals work and which all departments they are specialized with the percentage of outpatient and inpatient details.

                              We are proud to be listed us one of the private multispeciality hospital on chapter 4- practice, page no: 174,175 in her report.  Along with us there are hospitals and clinics around the country  where scientific  ayurveda system is being practiced. For more details regarding her report you can visit her  blog on  shailaja chandras blog or http://over2shailaja.wordpress.com/2011/10/13/status-of-indian-medicine-and-folk-healing/
                     We appreciate her interest in revealing the essence of age old system in new generation and motiviting new generation doctors.

Written by,

Dr.Samson c Varghese
Cheif Research officer
Kottathil ayurveda